Sumain Mumin

Buliding Manager

Mr Mumin been serving the community for the last 15 years he is in charge of building repair

Khalid Al- Ali

Out Reach

Mr. Al-Ali is a graduate in political Science in Syria

Ghassan Ballut

Founder and Director

Mr Ballut has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineer from The Ohio State University and a Master Degree in Mathematics from Chicago State University Mr. Ballut is a very active member of the Muslim and Arab community since 1982, he is on the board of Many Organizations and societies like CCF, Coalition for Palestine, ..etc Mr Ballut he is a family man with four children

Dr. Mohammad Ismael

Zakat Committee

Dr. Mohammad Ismael is a committed member of Al Nahda Center he will be heading the Zakat Committee for Zakat Fund distribution

Miss Salbi Garzian

Education Committee Member

Miss Salbi Gazrian been a member of the Education member for the last 5 years

Miss Maha Hassan

Education Member

Miss Maha is an Education member she is been with AL-Nahda Center for the Last 5 Years

Israeh Deeb

Financail Asiistant

Staff and Educational

Hatem Fariz


Tampa Hajj Group group leader · 2013 to present · Tampa, Florida . Founder along side with Director Ghassan Ballut Islamic Community of Tampa Managing Director · 2010 to present · Tampa, Florida

Mamoun AL-Rifaie

Assistant Out Reach

an Activist and a civic engagement expertise and a long time member and strong supporter of al Nahda Center