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Every bit of knowledge and advancement starts with knowing how you can contribute to your community.
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100% Transparency

We like to pride ourselves in being an open book that’s why we keep detailed records

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Our Services

Aside from running many projects that help the community unconditionally, we offer many services at Al-Nahda.

Marriage Ceremonies

Our Imam is available with an appointment to perform marriage ceremonies at our Center for a $200 donation to the Center if applicable, or the Imam can come to your home for $400.


We’re blessed with a extremely talented counseling team that will be available to mediate between husband and wife or within the family to find ways to solve misunderstanding and bring peace and harmony between loved ones


If ever a disagreement was to rise between two individuals, whether it be business or monetary it’s always a good idea to see the opinion of a qualified impartial third party, and we can offer you that at Al-Nahda Center.